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Vitality, Inside and Out

Vitality is defined as "the state of being strong and active; energy; the power giving continuance of life, present in all living things." What a statement! Does this definition encapsulate your life as a pastor and leader? If not, do you know why? At WalkingDeep, we are committed to not only helping you determine your vitality, but assisting in its growth from the inside out. We understand that change isn't easy, which is often what keeps us from taking the necessary steps to becoming truly vital, both at home and in the field. Again, we are here to help. It's our passion, in fact! Clocking over two decades of experience working with non-profits, ministries, and churches, the founders of WalkingDeep, Andy & Christa Weyant, know the highs and lows of ministry, and have a handle on what works and what doesn't. We develop and implement strategies that lead to health, restoration, and growth for pastors and their families. Take a moment and complete our survey below, so we can get to know you, and how we might work together for your success.

The Problem

The expectations placed on pastors are incredibly high. You are expected to be a brilliant orator, public figure, mentor, visionary, administrator, entrepreneur, accountant, negotiator, writer, small group leader, counselor,  janitor, and even the person that makes the coffee runs, not to mention a stellar citizen of your community and pillar of faith in your family. There is no other calling or profession which requires so much of one person! It's no surprise, then, that a study by Duke University's School of Divinity found that pastors face depression and anxiety at a rate that is double that of the national average*. When the pastor is overwhelmed, everything is affected, from your personal well being and family, to staff health and day-to-day operations.  


The Solution

Your personal life, and that of your family, doesn't have to be a casualty or a statistic. The overwhelming stresses that can come with leading a ministry aren't part of God's call, nor are they biblical. WalkingDeep wants to come alongside you on this incredible journey of yours, and help you find cohesive vitality between your personal, familial, and ministerial life. When this cohesion is found, you'll function in your gifts and passions at a level that is off the charts, and you'll have a stronger vision for leading others. Ultimately, your family will rediscover the person God called you to be for them. 

We understand that a lot hangs in the balance, and disclosing the inner workings of your personal and ministerial journey is one of great sensitivity, which is why confidentiality and safety are of the utmost importance to us. Whether it is a one-to-one or marital/family engagement, from the moment contact is made, your privacy is intact.


Life is busy--we get it! Couple family and ministry together, and busy doesn't even begin to describe it. As a follower of Christ, you want to build everything you are and do upon Him as the foundation. Along the way, and as life happens, the idea of Jesus as foundation can become more theoretic than something we lean into. WalkingDeep is here to assist in getting back to the basics of what inspired you about faith, family, and ministry.


At this point you might be thinking, "Foundations, development--what will this look like for me?" Simply put, WalkingDeep engages you in a way that makes the most sense for who, what, and where you are. Cookie cutters are great for making cookies, but not so much when it comes to developing strategies for success and vitality with people. Each and every person we come alongside carries a unique story, and as such we believe we should engage with the same level of uniqueness. We have experience in pastoral, family, and crisis counseling, but don't expect a textbook approach. This is your journey--WalkingDeep will meet you there.


A foundation is great, but only serves a purpose if something will be built upon it. You have worked hard for your family and calling, but over time the weight of personal and pastoral responsibilities can cloud our vision of who we're on Earth for, and why. It's the whole "can't see the forest for all the trees" kind of thing. We're here to help bring clarity back to your personal and ministerial journey, by developing strategies that are tailor-made for the success of you, your family, and those you lead.

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